Red worms for vermicomposting, worm compost tea, castings and more!

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    Microbiotic Fertilizer Concentrates

1lb Marle Red Wriggler Worms - $28.95

1lb Marlé Red Wiggler Worms - $28.50

SoilBoost Worm Castings - $12.50

SoilBoost Worm Castings - $11.95

Liquid SoilBoost - $11.50/Quart

Liquid SoilBoost - $9.95/Quart

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 Marle Casting Tea Brewer - $59.95

Marlé Casting Tea Brewer - $59.95

Marle Worm Bin - $59.95

Marlé Worm Bin - $59.95

2lbs Worm Chow - $7.50

2lbs Worm Chow - $9.95




We offer top of the line 'green-based' products that focus around vermiculture, specifically the Red Worm (also known as: Eisenia Fetida, Red Wigglers or composting worms) and the beneficial by-products they have to offer. Along with rebuilding the soil biology, vermicomposting also saves water, energy and landfills; it's nature's way of recycling.  Our products are completely safe to all plants, animals, humans and the environment in any concentration.


Please feel free to take some time to look around our site to see all that we offer.  Our About Products page provides all the information you'd need regarding our individual top-of-the-line products, available under the following categories:

  • Worms
  • Worm Bins
  • Kitchen Composters
  • Worm Casting
  • Worm Tea
  • Tea Brewers
  • Plant Containers & Accessories
  • Vermiculture Equipment & Accessories

Our Resources Page is extensive as well as our FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions page).  If your question hasn't been identified, please contact us and we'll get the answer for you.

We know you’ll find Marlé Worm Grower’s Red Wigglers, SoilBoost and Liquid SoilBoost are of Superior Quality!