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Garden Worm Composting Tube


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Want to save time in the garden? Use the Garden Worm Composting Tube! It's the easiest way your green waste converts to a usable, accessible organic fertilizer directly in your garden!

The Garden Worm Tube is an in-garden worm composting system, saving you time and money:

¤ easy to recycle your green waste

¤ one step process for worm cast (an organic fertilizer)

¤ worms do the work for you depositing right under your plants in your garden! 

Save yourself a lot of time, work and money by letting the composting worms do the work of recycling your green waste into a rich organic fertilizer.

How does it work? Simple. Once the Tube is buried in the ground and green waste added worms come and go, feeding as they need and depositing their cast directly into the garden. This method allows worms to fertilize and aerate your garden soil. The worm cast is a living soil containing millions of the naturally occurring micro-organisms; these beneficial organisms rebuild the native populations right in the garden.

The Garden Worm Tube kit includes:

¤ Reusable weather resistant Worm Tube

¤ Ventilated cap with screen

¤ Drain/mole protector

¤ Starter bedding

¤ Pumice (drainage)

¤ ½lb of Red Wiggler Worms (coupon for when you're set up and ready for the worms)

¤ Instructions and Tips for use

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