Bulk Organic Amendments and Composts 

for 2023



Note: Bulk compost and soil amendments are only available for pick up or delivery locally in the Spokane WA/CDA ID regional area. 


Organic Compost ---------------$45.00/Yard

The organic compost is a single ingredient compost free from plastics, chemical, pesticides, sewer sludge and other contaminants commonly found in most other commercial composts. It is used to improve the water and nutrient retention of sandy or rocky soils. It adds new organic matter to rejuvenate spent soils.   

Aged Bark Super Fines ---------$45.00/Yard 

Aged bark super fines are also a single ingredient compost free of contaminants that have been aged for 3+ years. This compost is like a peat moss replacement, it is used to lighten heavy soils and to add fresh compost to improve the soil structure, water and nutrient retention. 

Pumice (3/8 minus) -------------$225.00/Yard 

Pumice is a volcanic rock with lots of small holes in it making it like a small sponge. Pumice is used as an low cost replacement for perlite and vermiculite to add drainage to outdoor soils. It's great for breaking up heavy clay soils or to add proper drainage to greenhouses and large outdoor containers.   

Worm Castings -------------------$435.00/Yard 

Worm castings are one of mother natures best organic fertilizers. Because worm castings have just been through the composting cycle they are PH balanced and have high numbers of beneficial microbes in them. They also have quick releasing nutrients offering an immediate boost for your plants. Worm castings will not burn even the most delicate plants at any concentration.

Worm castings are rich in organic matter and will help to improve soil structure and water retention in your garden, they also help to increase a plant's natural resistance to pests and disease and will improve yields in your vegetable gardens and flowering plants. 

Worm castings help to restore soils damaged by chlorinated water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides by replenishing the natural balance of beneficial micro-organisms that should be present in a healthy soil. These naturally occurring micro-organisms are the engine in your soil that brakes down organic nutrients into a form that can be absorbed by the plants.


Common Ways to Apply Worm Castings: Worm castings are a fertilizer/compost and can be applied in several different ways. To build new soils worm castings are typically added at rates of 5%-10% of the total volume of soil. To fertilize existing plants top dress 1-2 inches of worm castings around the root ball area of the existing plants and water in well. To make into a liquid fertilizer add 2-3 cups of worm castings into 5 gallons of water mix and let it steep for a couple of hours to help it to release all of the nutrients. Then pour the liquid worm castings over the root ball area of the plants that you want to fertilize. Worm castings are also commonly used to brew compost teas. 

Need less than a yard or have a smaller project no problem BYOB. Bring-Your-Own-Bucket or container and we will fill it with worm castings for $6.00 per gallon. Don't have a container no problem, we also sell a 5 gallon bucket of worm castings for $40.00 and you get to keep the bucket. 


Delivery Available: Need help getting your gardening materials delivered contact us for a quote. We deliver locally within the Spokane WA./CDA ID. region. We have a dump truck and dump trailer and can haul up to 10 yards per delivery. Local deliveries are charged $2.00/mile round trip from our location with a $20.00 minimum delivery fee.    


We have a large selection of organic fertilizers, amendments and composts available in our store for local pick up.