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Worm Factory Refill Kit

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Time saver for when you need to start a new tray in your Worm Factory Standard or Worm Factory 360 Compost System!

Each of the bedding materials that come in the Worm Factory Refill Kit are in convenient sized packages, 1/2 of each per new tray. Easy.

The Kit includes 4 of each: 2 cup packages of pumice; 8 ounce jars of mineral rock dust; and 250g bricks of coconut coir.  That's enough material for 8 composting trays when used as instructed.

A breakdown of their importance to the trays:

¤ The pumice and coconut coir prevent odors from forming by providing carbon, without which the system would sour. They also keep the materials in the tray from packing tightly, promoting increased air flow and free movement of the worms.

¤ Minerals provide grit for the worms and food for the microbes that are working sight unseen, helping to breakdown the food for the worms and ultimately providing nutrient-rich vermicompost for optimal plant growth.

Bedding materials play an important role in reproduction rates and impact the manageability of the Worm Factory. They are essential for air space and moisture control. Bedding materials should comprise of at least 50% of the material you add to the feeding trays.



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