MWG Worm Castings

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Organic Worm Cast




Worm cast feeds life into the soil naturally, bringing with it the necessary bacteria and fungi that support healthy plant growth, restoring the natural balance of soil ... which will not occur when using a synthetic fertilizer. 

We only use composting worms (Red Worms, Eisena fetida  to produce the best in nutrient-rich worm cast for your soil!

For those new to the arena of vermicomposting, it's composting with worms. This process cuts composting time in half (compared to static composting) because the worms do the work for you!  The finished product is called "worm cast" (aka worm poop) which is an excellent nutrient-rich, toxin-free, organic soil amendment and conditioner, and when added to your soil will replenish the biological diversity of the soil.

Nutrient-rich Worm Casting will improve:

¤ Soil water holding capacity

¤ Soil aeration

¤ Enrich soil with micro-organisms

¤ Flowering plant bloom quantity

¤ Vegetable garden yields

¤ Soil's physical structure, texture

¤ Root growth and structure

¤ A plant's natural resistance to disease


Worm Cast is the BEST organic plant soil amendment (fertilizer) available!

It can be used on all plants, lawns, vegetable and flower gardens, pots, containers, raised beds, indoors and out.  It's all-natural and water-soluble making it easy and immediately absorbed ... it will not burn your plant.

Soil processed by worms (abundance of worm cast) is by nature:

¤ 7x richer in Phosphate

¤ 5x richer in Nitrogen

¤ 3x richer in usable Magnesium

¤ 1½x richer in Calcium

¤ 10x richer in Potash

It's safe to all plants, animals, humans and the environment in any concentration - so why use chemical that breaks down your soil when you can get excellent results with worm cast and it builds your soil.