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The one-shot plan for a fruitful growing season.  Ideal for all types of plants.

The All Purpose Mix 4-6-2 is a gentle, non-burning fertilizer made for vegetables, herbs, flowers and container plants. It's formulated with top-quality organic ingredients and designed to deliver a steady supply of essential nutrients to your plants while enhancing soil fertility and microbial activity naturally.

Ingredients: Fish Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Rock Phosphate, Langbeinite, Greensand, Humates and Kelp Meal.  Also contains non-plant foot ingredient of 2.5% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite.

Interested in reading more about organic soil amendments? We have additional information located on our Organic Soil Amendments page.

Conversions:   2 1/2 cups = 1 lb;   1/2 cup = 3.2 oz;   2 1/2 Tbsp = 1 ozomri-image.png

Suggested application rates:

Vegetable Gardens

¤ Small: apply 1/2 cup per sq ft, mixing thoroughly into the top 3" of soil.

¤ Larger: apply 3 - 6 lbs per 100 sq ft, mixing thoroughly into the top 3" of soil.

¤ New: add 1 - 2 Tbsp per hole, mixing into the soil and watering well.

¤ Established: side dress 2 - 4 oz, depending on plant size and desired growth rate, once each month during the growing season.

Row Crops / Acreage

¤ Apply 750 - 1,000 lbs per acre depending on the specific crop needs or required pounds of actual nitrogen per acre.

Containers and Houseplants

¤ New: 2 Tbsp per gallon of soil, mixing thoroughly (or add 5-10 lbs per cubic yard).

¤ Established: lightly mix 1 - 2 Tbsp per gallon into the soil surface once each month during the growing season.

¤ Maintenance: side dress, 2 - 4 Tbsp per plant, depending on plant size and desired growth rate, twice each month during the growing season.

Trees and Shrubs

¤ New: prepare transplant hole by mixing 1 - 2 cups into the back fill soil then using amended soil to fill in around new tree and water well.

¤ Spread 1 lb per 1" of trunk diameter around the base outwards to the drip line, mix into soil surface and water well.



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Additional Info

Additional Info

4-6-2. OMRI Certified. Total Nitrogen (N) 4.0%: 0.6% Water Soluble Nitrogen, 3.4% Water Insoluble Nitrogen. Available Phosphate (P2O5) 6.0%. Soluble Potash (K2O) 2.0%. Calcium (Ca) 10.0%. Magnesium (Mg) 1.0%. Sulfur (S) 2.0%.
25lb and 50lb Bags available as Shop Pick Up Only. Conversions: 2 1/2 cups = 1 lb; 1/2 cup = 3.2 oz; 2 1/2 Tbsp = 1 oz