Bokashi, All Seasons

from $15.99
All natural All Seasons Bokashi is an excellent soil amendment to increase the nutrient level and microbial diversity of the soil; promotes germination and plant establishment, flowering and fruiting, and ripening in plants. Bokashi is a Japenese word...


Composting Mini Worm Bin with Worms

from $34.95
Do you have a youngster that loves to play in the dirt? Our Marlé Composting Mini Worm Bin makes a wonderful worm farm and a great introduction to worm composting as an excellent science fair project, educational tool or as an activity to fill...

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Composting Worm Bin Accessory Kit

from $14.95
Worm composting hand tools will increase the level of fun experience you have during your composting adventure! These fun composting worm bin accessory tools make managing worm compost quick and easy. The kit includes:   ¤ hand...

Garden Tower

Garden Tower 2

from $359.00
The Garden Tower 2 is an amazing space saving twofer tower - grow your own fresh, organic food and compost your green waste and table scraps all in one with this vertical gardening system. Garden Tower 2's compact size makes it ideal for your patio -...


Garden Worm Composting Tube

from $69.99
Want to save time in the garden? Use the Garden Worm Composting Tube! It's the easiest way your green waste converts to a usable, accessible organic fertilizer directly in your garden! The Garden Worm Tube is an in-garden worm composting system, saving...


Worm Chow

from $4.95
Worm Chow is an easy, concentrated worm food solution for when you're just starting your worms, in-between scraps, when you are away enjoying your vacation, or just looking for a boost in the feeding schedule. As a starter food, Worm Chow is an instant...

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Worm Factory 360® Bundle Currently Available in Black Only

from $179.95
The Worm Factory 360 Bundle includes a 4-Tray Worm Factory 360 (in your color choice) + 1lb composting red worms + 2lbs worm chow.  The Worm Factory 360® Bundle is a compact design giving it a small footprint! It uses worms to recycle kitchen...

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Worm Factory 360®, Kitchen Composter Only Available in Black

from $124.95
The Worm Factory 360® is a compact design which gives it a small footprint, making it perfect for your use and a snap to recycle kitchen scraps, coffee grounds and filters, vegetables, fruit (no citrus) and household trash like paper, dryer lint...

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Worm Factory Refill Kit

from $19.95
Time saver for when you need to start a new tray in your Worm Factory Standard or Worm Factory 360 Compost System! Each of the bedding materials that come in the Worm Factory Refill Kit are in convenient sized packages, 1/2 of each per new tray. Easy...

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Worm Factory Trays

from $9.95
Extend your composting abilities by adding a few more Worm Factory Trays! Stackable trays for use with the Worm Factory Standard and the Worm Factory 360. Available in all three colors - Black, Green and Terra Cotta!