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Information Overload!  At least that's what we call it... After hours of research, for ourselves and for others, the following links have proven to be most helpful.  It is our hope that they are helpful to you as well.








Composting 101

   A good instructional site on the basics of vermicomposting.

Brewing up Solutions to Pest Problems

   An on-farm research that allows growers to evaluate compost tea as an Integrated Pest Management practice.

Home Composting Made Easy

   A site that offers information on getting started in vermicomposting.

To Tea or Not To Tea

   A quick read on the benefits of Compost Tea (without worms) and Casting Tea (with worm composting).

Composting with Red Worms

   An overview of the basics of the "how-tos" of vermicomposting.


  NC State Cooperative Extension has a very useful website dedicated to the topic of vermicomposting.








How & Why We Should Compost

   Whatcom County Cooperative Extension's informational paper regarding the benefits of home composting.

All About Compost

   North Dakota State University provides a nice overview of the what, how, and why of Compost.

Composting 101

   A good instructional site on the basics of composting.  This site also includes a "tips" section you can access through this link.

Compost Resources

   University of Arkansas' Cooperative Extension has an excellent informational page regarding compost with a bit about vermicomposting to include some pdf's towards the bottom of the web page.

Using Compost as a Soil Amendment

   Whatcom County Cooperative Extension's paper supporting the use of compost.

Environmental Protection Agency, Waste

   This page provides composting and compost application information for compost facilities, businesses, industry and local  governments to include the Science Behind Composting, Common Compostable Materials and Information for Compost Facilities.

Home Composting Made Easy

   A site that offers step-by-step instructions for backyard composting.

Successful Composting Slide Show

   An informative slide show created and presented by Whatcom County Cooperative Extension.

Spokane Regional Solid Waste System

   Home Composting - an economical and convenient alternative to bagging yard debris for disposal or hauling it to transfer stations.

   C:N Ratios - a short explanation describing the ratios needed in successful composting. 

   Resource Library - a variety of video and print materials on solid waste and recycling are available for check out.

Compost Fundamentals

   A manual explaining the many interdependent factors fundamental in planning composting projects or analyzing composting operations; geared towards the science based relationships:

   Carbon-Nitrogen Relationship:  Organisms that decompose organic matter use carbon as a source of energy and nitrogen for building cell structure.

   Aerobic Decomposition:  Happens when organic matter decomposes with oxygen.

   Anaerobic Fermentation:  Happens when organic matter decomposes without oxygen.

Compost Benefits

   Compost contains a full spectrum of essential plant nutrients and using it as mulch, in the soil or as a potting media is beneficial in many ways.

Compost Uses

   A quick read offering some new ideas for uses.

Washington Organic Recycling Council

   Approximately mid-way down the page there is a WORC User's Guide to Compost free pdf download booklet.

The Composting Council

   Provides information for each individual State's compost regulations with Washington States being listed under Solid Waste Handling Standards - WAC Chapter 173-350

Washington State Legislature

   Covers the RCW 70.95 Solid Waste Management - Reduction and Recycling.

 Washington State Regulations

   The Department of Ecology oversees the composting regulations within the section entitled Organic Materials Management.







Soil Information



USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

   Information on what soil quality and soil health is defined as.

Soil Testing Guide For Vegetable Farmers

   The new fact sheet presents a comprehensive, yet affordable procedure for implementing an annual soil-testing program for farms with diverse vegetable crops.  This guide's instruction will work on the family-size garden as well.







     For Kids


EnviroKids Club

   A way for you to team up with other kids in Spokane County to explore all parts of the environment: air, water, weather, garbage & recycling, plants & animals, you and your environment.

Home Composting Slide Show

   A basic informational slide show showing the basics of home composting provided by Whatcom County Cooperative Extension. 




  Lab Services


Earthfort Labs

   An excellent lab service that is very reasonably priced that will conduct soil testing as well as compost testing.


Useful Charts

Soil Amendment Use Chart













































pH Chart for Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits