In addition to all website products being available for pick up locally; some products are only available for pick up from our facility due to the size, weight or bulk.


We have the most extensive availability of bulk organic soil amendments in the Region!how-much-soil-web.jpg

We have information on our Organic Soil Amendment page on the following:  what is a healthy soil; Soil Amendment Use Chart (which amendment for which condition); and a pH Chart (pH levels needed for vegetables, herbs and fruits). 


Worm cast is one of the BEST ORGANIC soil amendments (plant fertilizers) available!  It's a fresh, earthy scent and is all-natural making it safe for all plants; it will not burn even the most delicate ones.  Nutrient-rich worm cast will improve

 ¤  yields of your flowering plants

 ¤  yields in your vegetable gardens

 ¤  your plant's root structure and water retention

 ¤  a plant's natural resistance  to disease

It helps to restore the natural balance of soil by adding beneficial micro-organisms to the soil to increase the helpful bacteria and fungal activity. These naturally occurring micro-organisms are nature's way of breaking down the soil's compost releasing nutrients in a form that is more easily absorbed by the plants.


Our worm cast comes straight from the worm incubators (worm beds) or wind rows and contains some non-processed debris or debris that hasn't been broken down completely.  This is excellent for potted plants, flower and vegetable gardens, and landscaping.

Bulk cast is available at the store in the following quantities:  Bring-Your-Own-Bucket (1 - 5 gallons), Bucket (our 5 gallon bucket), 1/2 yard1-yard, and so on. Please call for pricing.

We sell 5lb bags of cast (SoilBoost) that has been screened to remove any remaining non-processed debris (debris that hasn't been broken down completely) creating a more concentrated cast.  This is preferred for worm teas along with being excellent for potted plants, flower and vegetable gardens, and landscaping.

A larger project yet?  Delivery Service includes bulk product orders and palliated 1-yard (or larger) totes.  We have the ability to ship commercially, or to deliver within our Region.  Please call 509-928-3995 for further information and a quote.  Let us help you get the bulk and/or custom products you need in a timely manner. 


Commercial Growers please call 509-981-4323 for assistance.

Our Bulk Products are offered locally from either our bulk soil pens or from store shelves.

We carry the most extensive offering of Down-To-Earth Organic Soil Amendments in the Region!  (25- and 50-lb bags) 

Here's a list of some of the more popular products we offer (please call 509-928-3995 for pricing):

    Bulk Soil Pens                                                                       Bulk Bagged

DTE Pro Organic Mix                                                              Alfalfa Meal                 All Purpose Mix

Forest Brown Compost (Certified Organic)                         Azomite: Granulated, SR Powder, Micronized

MWG Alpaca Manure                                                            Bat Guano                    BioChar Pro

Pumice                                                                                     Blood Meal                  Bone Meal

Royal Classic Green Compost (Certified Organic)             Cascade Minerals       Cottonseed Meal

Sand                                                                                         Coco Coir (several varieties)

Worm Cast                                                                              Crab Meal                     Diatomaceous Earth

                                                                                                  Dolomite Lime             Feather Meal 

                                                                                                  Fish Bone Meal           Fish Meal

                                                                                                  Fish Emulsion             Granular Humic Acid

                                                                                                  Green Sand                 Granite Dust

   2 Yard Totes                                                                         Gypsum                       Kelp Meal          

DaKine 420 Coco Coir:                                                           Langbeinite                 Magnesium Sulfate

   Lite                                                                                         Neem Seed Meal       Oyster Shell

   Organic Blend                                                                      Peat Moss                    Perlite

   Pure                                                                                       Rock Phosphate/Calphos

                                                                                                  Seabird Guano            Shrimp Meal

                                                                                                  Soybean Meal   

   Specialty Blends

Acid Mix                               Bio-Fish                                      Bio-Live                                Bio-Turf         

Citrus Mix                            Fruit Tree Mix                             Organic Seedling Mix         Rose & Flower Mix

Seed Starter Mix                Tree & Shrub Mix                       Vegan Mix                            Vegetable Garden Mix


Please give us a call at 509-928-3995 (or contact us) if what you're looking for is not listed, there's a chance it's in the store or we can order it in for you.  Commercial Growers please contact us at 509-981-4323.