Casting Tea Brewer, 5-Gallon

from $65.95
Nature's Wonder Brew!  Make it at home with the Marlé Casting Tea Brewer. Keep it simple - One Solution for all soil types and for all plant types! Save time and money - brew your own supercharged worm tea at home with the very simple...


Liquid Compost Tea Brewer, 7-Gallon

from $199.00
Interested in brewing your own organic compost tea? This system brews up to 7-gallons in each brew cycle. The SoilSoup Brewing Systems come complete with all the components necessary to start brewing.  This self-contained unit produces the fine air...


Nutrient Solution

from $34.95
Does your plant need a pick-me-up? This Nutrient Solution provides that boost to tired soil. It's a proprietary blend of organic materials designed to grow the maximum population of garden ready soil microbes.  It's a concentrate used in...


Probiotic Solution

from $24.95
Are your trees showing signs of having problems? Foliage spots or insect damage?  Probiotic Solution is your answer - it reintroduces beneficial microbes into the soil's system.  It's a mildly acidic solution that is used to treat trees that...