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Plant Earlier ↔ Harvest Longer Easy to Use ↔ Reusable ↔ Made in USA

The Wall O' Water Season Extender allows you to start your cold sensitive crops such as tomatoes, peppers, squash, and melons up to two months before the normal frost date in your zone.

By using the properties of water, the tubes (containing water) are warmed by the sun creating a small greenhouse effect, retaining the heat to insulate the plant from the overnight cold conditions.

Why Wall O' Water?

¤ each package contains 3 individual Walls

¤ constructed of a long-lasting, durable product

¤ designed to protect plants

¤ this system retains nearly 900,000 calories of heat to protect delicate plant roots, warming the surrounding soil

How to use:

Starting 7-10 days prior to planting, prep the planting area placing your Wall over the area.  Fill the tubes 2/3rds full of water; this warms the soil prior to planting.  When ready, plant your seedling.  Once the plant pokes out the top, fill the tubes full of water and watch your plant grow!  When the season starts to come to an end, extend it by continuing to keep the Wall O' Water around your plant for an additional 30-45 days after the normal frost date for your zone.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Each package contains 3 individual Walls.