Probiotic Solution

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Are your trees showing signs of having problems? Foliage spots or insect damage? 

Probiotic Solution is your answer - it reintroduces beneficial microbes into the soil's system.  It's a mildly acidic solution that is used to treat trees that are exhibiting stressed situations such as foliage problems of spots or insect damage, or both. 

Short answer, it's helps to bring the balance back in the soil.

Most plants, including trees, rely on the symbiotic relationship between the roots and the soil biota since they have no immune system. When damage, or stress, begins to show itself it means that something is out of balance and that's where the use of Probiotic Solution will bring nature back into balance by reintroducing the beneficial microbes that include lactic acid producing bacteria.  The product also includes other important families of microbes of Actinomycetes of the phylum Actinobacteria which are the biochemical factories responsible for antibiotics such as streptomycin.

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Interested in how to use the Probiotic Solution - read on:

¤ 1/2 gallon is enough to treat one 6-8' tree

¤ please apply by pouring the full strength solution around the drip line

¤ stronger results show when watered in with a liquid compost

Probiotic Solution Ingredients: Liquid Soy, Molasses, Seaweed, Beneficial Microbes


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Ingredients: Liquid Soy, Molasses, Seaweed, Beneficial Microbes. 1 Gallon.
1 Gallon; concentrated; used in full strength.