Bio-Turf, 8-3-5 25 lb

from $44.46
Organic Bio-Turf, 8-3-5 provides a slow, steady release of nutrients in an all natural granular lawn fertilizer designed to encourage deep root development to help reduce watering requirements. Bio-Turf is a nitrogen rich formula that boosts early...


Biochar Environmental Ultra

from $16.95
Black Owl Biochar Environmental Ultra ... a premiere biochar consisting of greater than 80% carbon! Biochar Environmental Ultra has low ash content, high porosity and low density. The Ultra has ideal particle size for multiple uses in the garden...


Biochar Premium OG

from $16.95
Black Owl Pure Premium Biochar ... vigorous plants with more flowers and fruit yields! Biochar starts with virgin wood left over from sustainably harvested forests and transforms it with heat into a stable form of carbon that decomposes at a nearly...

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Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse

from $79.95
Do you need a longer season to grow the vegetables you love? The Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse allows you to start growing earlier in the spring, and to extend time later into the fall to accommodate those heat-loving plants and grow more food! The...


Garden Plant Ties

from $2.99
Do you have climbing plants that tend to fall? These adorable plant ties will help you to get a hold of those plants! Either the frog or mantis will look right at home in your garden, patio planter or house pot! These decorative ties are plastic coated...

Garden Tower

Garden Tower 2

from $359.00
The Garden Tower 2 is an amazing space saving twofer tower - grow your own fresh, organic food and compost your green waste and table scraps all in one with this vertical gardening system. Garden Tower 2's compact size makes it ideal for your patio -...

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Metro-Grower™ Basic, 6-Gallon

from $29.95
Want to reduce your watering plant time? Tired of over- or under- watering your plants? Metro-Grower is your answer! The Metro-Grower™ Basic solves the persistent problems of growing in a container. It is a compact, sub-irrigation growing...

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Metro-Grower™ Elite, 6-Gallon

from $39.95
Metro-Grower Elite is your answer to reducing your watering plant time? The Metro-Grower™ Elite solves the persistent problems of growing in a container. It is a compact, sub-irrigation growing system, watering plants from the bottom up as nature...


Mini Soil pH Tester, Rapitest

from $12.20
Is your soil acidic, alkaline... or somewhere in-between? Mini Soil pH Tester is a quick way to get that answer! Easy to use! No batteries required! Check your soil instantly for site specific readings for the different areas of your yard, garden,...


Pro-Organic Potting Mix

from $31.99
Down-to-Earth's professional growing medium specially formulated for organic growers. Pro-Organic Potting Mix is a lightweight, ready to use mix with exceptional water retention and optimum air capacity. It's enhanced with organic worm compost,...


Rapiclip Wood Plant Labels

from $4.36
Rapiclip Wood Plant Labels are a nice 6" x 5/8" size - perfect for any plant labeling.  An excellent, all natural way to remind oneself of what was planted where... Each pack contains 24 wood plant labels, 6" in length for plenty of writing room.


Rapitest Dial Soil Thermometer

from $15.24
Rapitest Dial Thermometer has a 6" probe, is made of stainless steel, and is easy to read.  A must-have in a gardener's arsenal! Scaled from 30 - 90 in Fahrenheit, it's aluminum body is corrosion resistant. Best used for seed starting and...


Rapitest Digital Moisture Meter

from $19.20
Rapitest Digital Moisture Meter helps to prevent over and/or under watering all your seed starts, transplants and plants. Checks soil moisture at the root level with an instant, easy to read digital result ranging from 0 to 9.9. Includes a printed...


Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit

from $37.52
Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit An electronic version of the popular basic soil test, it utilizes advanced LED digital technology and patent-pending optical calibration system to read test colors. It's easy to use with instructions for each soil pH,...


Seed Starters

from $9.70
Paperpot Greenhouse inserts are an excellent way to get your seeds started! This seed starting kit is a completely biodegradable alternative to plastic nursery trays and plant flats. Both plant trays measure 11" x 22" with a cell insert tray made from...


Soil Tester, Rapitest NPK

from $8.10
Interested in knowing where your soil health is for growing your favorite plants? This test allows you to quickly and accurately test the existing pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash levels in your soil in a fun way! The Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Tester...

Back to the Roots

Water Garden

from $79.95
This is an awesome introduction to aquaponics and ecosystems! The Water Garden is a garden, a fish tank and a beautiful addition to your home decor! This self-cleaning fish tank grows plants on top... it's a scaled-down aquaponics system where the fish...