Liquid Compost Tea Brewing Kit, 25-Gallon

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Do you have need for a larger organic tea brewing system? This system brews up to 25-gallons in a single brew cycle. This system is complete with all the necessary components to start your home brew. 

The SoilSoup Brewing System is self-contained, producing the air bubbles needed for maximum oxygen saturation.  There are no hoses, air-stones or other attachments.

It produces a very healthy aerobic compost tea, teeming with microscopic life.  It works by stimulating the growth of beneficial micro-organism populations in the soil; using compost tea is the natural way to restore, add, create a living soil.

The kit comes complete stocked to brew 128 gallons of liquid compost tea. The aeration pump is our custom designed "BioBlender".

This System includes:

¤ BioBlender

¤ tank and lid

¤ filter and filter ring

¤ 1 gallon of Nutrient Solution

¤ 10 pounds of worm compost

¤ faucet to attach garden hose

¤ legs (IF this option is chosen)

¤ brewing instructions

Interested in reading more about the different brewer styles and capacities? We have additional information located on our Worm Teas & Brewers page!




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Additional Info

Additional Info

This unit has the option of a stand. This Kit comes with 1-gallon of Nutrient Solution. More available for purchase.