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The Garden Tower 2 is an amazing space saving twofer tower - grow your own fresh, organic food and compost your green waste and table scraps all in one with this vertical gardening system.

Garden Tower 2's compact size makes it ideal for your patio - readily available and easily accessible.  

The benefits of growing with the GTP2 include:

¤ 50 Plants in 4 sq ft (vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers)green-free-shipping.jpg

¤ Reduces watering, less nutrient loss

¤ Significantly faster growth

¤ Locally produced food

¤ Generates worm activated compost

¤ Weed free, accessible, senior friendly

¤ Turns kitchen scraps to fertilizer

¤ Self conditions and fortifies soil

¤ Excellent school project for kids

¤ Food-grade material, 100% recyclable

The Garden Tower 2's compost tube has holes running down the entire length that allow composting worms to travel between the tube and the soil, to feed and fertilize your plants with their nutrient-rich cast.

It's simple, sturdy construction ensures many years of trouble-free use.

All types of vegetables, herbs and flower varieties can be grown in the Garden Tower, to include your favorite vines, just plant them on the bottom row and watch out!

Interested in reading more about the Garden Tower 2 or about some different composting bin styles?  We have additional information located on the Worm Bins & Composter page! 


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Additional Info

If Worm Option is chosen, 2-lbs of Red Wiggler Worms will be added to the order.