European Night Crawlers Composting Worms 1/2 lb

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You'll need the European Night Crawler (Eisenia hortensis) as your composting worm, especially if you're looking to compost in outdoor compost piles and gardens. They can also be raised as a small fishing worm.  

The European Night Crawler is the larger cousin of the Red Wiggler Worm and is also known as Euros, or Giant Redworm.  They'll eat up to their own weight a day, making haste on the waste and turning it into rich compost. Typically found in the top 18" of soil, they are excellent composters and tillers; they burrow, aerate and aid in soil nutrient dispersal.  Euros have a pink-grey appearance with a striped look, thick as a pencil with the tip of the tail being a cream or pale yellow.

And they are lively breeders as well.  They'll quickly replenish their numbers so you can compost and eventually grow your own fishing bait saving you both time and money!

Check out our Worm Care page for insightful information on how to keep your composting worms happy and healthy!

Interested in reading more about composting worms? We have additional information located on our Composting Worms page.

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Additional Info

Our worms are hand-harvested and separated from the bedding prior to being weighed and packaged in a breathable shipping bag with enough bedding consisting of peat moss and coconut coir, to ensure their safe travel during home transfer time. They are clearly marked "Live Worms / Perishable".  RECEIPT OF WORM SHIPMENT: You will receive a tracking number when your worms are shipped so you can prepare for their arrival. Please make arrangements to either be home to receive your worms, available to pick up your worms at the post office, or to have them held at the post office. It is very important not to leave your worms exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for even short periods of time.  LIVE DELIVERY GUARANTEE: Marlé Worm Growers guarantee that a minimum of 95% of the worms will arrive to the destination alive following these conditions -  You are home to receive your order or have it held at the post office (a temperature controlled environment).  Failure to accept the worms on the first delivery, or failure to pick up the worms within 24 hours at the post office will cause the Live Guarantee to become null and void.  You must unpack and verify condition of the worms the same day as delivery.  In the event a hazard occurs and your worms do not arrive alive, you notify Marlé Worm Growers via email within 24 hours of delivery date. Please place the word "replacement" in the subject line so that it will be seen and addressed promptly.  The package must be accepted as delivered even though it appears to be damaged. If the package is refused, the guarantee will become null and void, and loss of replacement and/or refund will be forfeited.  Marlé Worm Growers reserves the right to postpone a shipment due to extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold. If you request that the shipment takes place under these conditions, it is at your own risk and eligibility for a replacement order or refund becomes null and void.  Composting worms are temperature sensitive. If the temperatures are below 32° or above 95°, additional precautions may need to be taken to ensure safe delivery of your live worms.
Due to the nature of worm harvesting, and for the safety and health of the live animal, we harvest once a week on Mondays. Worm orders must be received by Saturday noon in order to be hand-harvested and ready for either pick up or mail on Monday.