We have an wide range of bulk organic soil amendments and the ability  to custom mix them specifically for you!



Marlé Worm Growers offers to blend custom soil mixes that contain worm cast and other all-natural or organic materials. Check with us first! We blend in bulk, saving you time and money! Contact us or call 509-928-3995 and request a bid for your specialty blend.  For Commercial Growers, please call us at 509-981-4323; we offer Confidentiality Agreements to ensure your secret blend is safe.

Delivery Service includes bulk product orders and 1-yard (or larger) totes.  We have the ability to ship commercially, or to deliver within our Region.  Please call 509-928-3995 for further information and a quote.  Let us help you get the bulk and/or custom products you need in a timely manner! 

Locally, we have the following soil blends available:


  Compost Blend - Our most popular mix for adding organic matter to gardens a blend of      composts and peat moss with Stuzmans 3-2-2 organic fertilizer.   

  Premium Organic Garden Blend - A mix of compost, peat, worm castings, Rock dust,        4-6-2 organic amendment. This is a premium grade garden soil for serious gardeners. 

  Greenhouse Blend- Designed to run in pots or in greenhouses where proper drainage is      required. A blend of Peat moss, Compost, Pumice, worm castings, azomite, Oyster shell,        organic vegetable garden mix of nutrients and soluble root zone (microbes)    

  Organic Seedling Mix- a Blend of coconut coir, peat, perlite, worm casting, azomite,          Oyster shell and soluble root zone (microbes).   

Professional Growers:

  MWG Ocean Blend

  MWG Organic Coco Coir Blend Full Strength

  MWG Sub-Cool Super Soil  

  MWG Fish Compost Top Dressing Blend


Sub-Cool Super Soil

i502-white-background.jpgSpecifically made for the 502 Industry, it's made with the best organic ingredients along with our farm fresh worm cast and then cooked (steeped) for a minimum of 30-days.  The recipe we use is available upon request when you call or come by our store; you'll know exactly what our soil blend contains making it easy for you to tailor your nutrient routines to your specific grow operation.  WARNING:  This is a very hot organic blend that will burn plants and should only be used by professional growers.

We assure quality of each custom soil mix by performing a quality test to check the dry and wet pH, density and leach fluid ppm for our mix records.



Do you have a special formula that you would like mixed in bulk? Maybe it's a personalized family recipe handed down that grows the top crops? We can custom mix your preferred soil blend.  Please give us a call at 509-981-4323 or come by our store.  Let us help you get your custom soil in bulk!