Composting Mini Worm Bin with Worms

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Do you have a youngster that loves to play in the dirt? Our Marlé Composting Mini Worm Bin makes a wonderful worm farm and a great introduction to worm composting as an excellent science fair project, educational tool or as an activity to fill that inquisitive young mind.

Did you know worms lay eggs that are visible to the human eye?  Yup - lemon shaped.  red-worm-egg.jpg

Our Mini Worm Bin is an excellent educational project for vermicomposting (composting with worms), and studying red wiggler worms life cycle.

¤ quick, easy and simple to use

¤ compact for the compact person or compact space

¤ lighter weight for carrying

¤ quicker composting results due to volume size

¤ large lid opening for easy access to the worms, feeding and cast

¤ less material needed to maintain and achieve goal

¤ perfect size for an individual project

Takes as little time as you want to manage during the week.  This design makes it easy to store in the kitchen, patio, deck, porch, yard and garage; it blends right in and is extremely durable.

The Composting Mini Worm Bin is perfect for a single person or for apartment living as well!

This compact version includes everything you need to get started with a price that's affordable! Our design makes it easy for kids to use and it's a complete kit!  The kit includes: Worm Bin, leaché collection tray, coconut coir, worm chow, 1/2 lb of worms (via coupon for when you set up and ready for worms) and a detailed instruction sheet along with a Tip sheet as well.

Interested in reading more about composting bins and composters? We have additional information located on our Worm Bin & Composter page!


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