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Coconut Coir, Organic

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Looking for an organic moisture control medium for your potted plants? Coconut Coir is your answer!

Organic Coconut Coir is a sustainable alternative to peat moss - it's the coarse fibers from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut, 100% natural by-product. Add to soil to create a growing medium for pots or outdoor gardens.

Improve your soil structure and water-holding capacity with 100% natural Coconut Coir today!

 Why Coir?

¤ easy to hydrate and lasts longer in soil than peat moss

¤ provides superior water holding capacity

¤ adds excellent air space and drainage

¤ environmentally friendly

¤ pH range is 5.8 - 6.8, easy to use for all situations

¤ naturally disease and weed free

¤ useful for potted plants, containers and gardens

¤ useful for bedding in worm composting trays, bins and containers

Interested in reading more about organic soil amendments? We have additional information located on our Organic Soil Amendments page.

Interested in how to use organic coconut coir - pick a topic and read on: 

Coir comes compressed into bricks which makes for easy, convenient storage:

 ¤ 1 250g brick = 1/2 gallon when expanded

 ¤ 1 650g brick = 2 1/2 gallons when expanded

 ¤ 1 5k block = 20 gallons when expanded

 ¤ Add water and soak for about an hour before using.

 ¤ A fully-hydrated brick can hold 8 to 10 times its volume in water.

 ¤ The final volume of the expanded Coir depends on the amount of water used to constitute it.

Growing medium: add 1 part Coir to 2 parts soil or potting mix containing compost. 

 ¤ Sandy soils growing medium: Coir helps to keep nutrients and moisture close to plant roots instead of washing away.

 ¤ Clay soils growing medium: Coir helps to break up hard-packed earth and move nutrients and moisture through the soil.

 ¤ Seed starting growing medium: Coir creates a perfect environment for starting seeds and cuttings by maintaining a consistent level of moisture and air. 




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Additional Info

Additional Info

We also offer a Coco Coir Bale (4.5 CF) that is available in shop only.